This past Saturday, October 28, 2017, I was so honored to do a women’s self defense workshop hosted by Senator Scott Wilk and Assemblyman Dante Acosta! It was A-mazing! I love it when women have moments when something resonates and it brings a whole new sense of awareness. I saw that a lot with so many!

Here are 5 tips I give to women!

  1. Learn to hone your situational awareness!! Talk on your phone when you are in your car and you are driving (hands-free please), NOT when you are walking to your car, day or night!
  2. If you get one of those “gut feelings” or the hair on your neck stands up, DON’T ignore it!! Intuition will save your life! Screw political correctness! If someone makes you uncomfortable, GET OUT!
  3. Don’t be afraid to hurt someone! You have permission to fight and defend yourself if you feel threatened! And go for the groin with whatever you can!
  4. Self defense weapons, whether they be tasers, pepper spray, something sharp, etc. need to be practiced with. They can also be taken from you in a scuffle and used on you. No one can take your hands or feet…they are your best weapons!
  5. The biggest one! If you are ever attacked, work like hell NOT GO TO THE GROUND!!! Why do you think attackers want to take you there? Because you lose strength and the ability to defend yourself and you add a huge step in escaping because you have to get up! Think about it!

I encourage you to attend one of my workshops or a workshop near you to “Empower your inner Bodyguard.™”… Call us today to start your training!!!

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Here are some pictures from the event.