Why Bonnie Formia – Prestige Self-Defense

“Empower your inner bodyguard“™ – Bonnie Formia

I have been teaching self defense in Santa Clarita for the last three years at my facility to both men and women.  I am a certified instructor in Krav Maga, the Israeli self defense system.

My mission is to empower women with the skills to defend themselves and eradicate sexual assaults, rapes, and other attacks.

I have taught hundreds of classes, from small, intimate semi private sessions to large groups of 25 and more! I take a special interest in helping transform women who are timid and lack confidence.  They become different people, with confidence, the ability to protect themselves, and with improved physiques!

I have been honored to teach events sponsored by the City of Santa Clarita, and State Government representatives.  These events have enabled me to share my passion and to help the members of our community in hopes of changing news headlines.




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