• GG – Women’s Self Defense Workshop – 10/28/2017
    Hi Bonnie. You did an excellent job in raising women’s awareness in safety and providing a great introduction to self-defense.  You most certainly demonstrated to us how passionate you are about empowering women. I was sweating bullets during the 2-hour workshop you provided so it was definitely a good workout and I was a bit sore the following day.  It was well worth it! Thanks again and I look forward to other workshops with you as instructor!
  • – Ashley Bouhebent – Women’s Self Defense Workshop – 10/28/2017
    I really enjoyed the class and liked that there were a lot of your staff floating around offering advice and also letting us practice on them.  I felt like I took a lot away from the class and so did my muscles… owww!  Highly recommend this program to women of any age and athletic ability.
  • – S.H. Valencia, CA
    Krav Maga level 1 with Bonnie is so inspiring! Bonnie is the sweetest lady who can take down a super hero if they mess with her; and they wouldn’t even see it coming. Krav Maga gave me the courage and confidence to protect myself if anyone tries to attack me. Santa Clarita is a pretty safe place, but there are weirdo’s everywhere, so it is a great feeling to know that I can protect myself.
  • – C.O. 7/21/2015
    Prestige Self Defense has been amazing for me and my family.  Bonnie is passionate about self defense and it shows.  The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful and there are no egos here.  Just a great place to learn and grow skills to take care of yourself and your loved ones.  As a realtor, I can find myself in uncomfortable situations at times, but Bonnie helps to equip me with the skills and knowledge I need to take care of myself.  Everyone can benefit from these classes- if you have ever thought about it, just do it.  Your safety is well worth it.
  • – R.N.Canyon Country, CA 10/31/2015
    This is by far the best self defense system in the world. It is not a sport, there are no competitions and everything is allowed.  All the staff are professional and kind. Krav is part of my daily routine, I only wish I would have started this system years ago.
  • – L.W. Los Angeles, CA 1/21/2016
    Bonnie has given us all more confidence and self-esteem especially our daughters, who are 21. They have excelled and love it!. The instructors are all top notch and make the classes so much fun. They also focus on each individual’s needs and help each person achieve their own personal goals, which I truly love and never previously got at any class or gym. Bonnie makes it even more exciting because you know that you’re actually learning a self defense technique that could someday save your life!!!! Bonnie is a very special person and is passionate about her business.  She makes everyone feel like they are part of a bigger family!
  • – T.R. Santa Clarita, CA 3/2/2016
    Hands down the best defensive training in Santa Clarita! Comfortable atmosphere kick ass training!
  • – A.T. Canyon Country, CA 5/7/2016
    Stop wondering and just come take a class, you have nothing to lose.  There is no judgment here, there is no ridicule or exclusion. You’ll love this Krav family and you will want to come everyday! To the groin Bonnie HAHA!
  • – J.R. Thousand Oaks, CA 7/13/2016
    Great Krav class – a lot of support and encouragement and fun.. Very inviting place to get started on your self defense!
  • – A.T. Santa Clarita, CA 8/9/2016
    Want to learn great techniques and have a gym family!  Look no further.
  • – C. J. Valencia, CA 10/10/2016
    It helped me gain confidence and feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time.
  • – G.H. 10/11/2016
    As a guy interested in becoming a police officer this place definitely assists me with the conditioning needed!!   Krav Maga classes got me up and moving again, gave me a bit more confidence when walking down the street and alot more self respect for knowing what I’m actually capable of!!
  • – G.V. Canyon Country, CA 10/23/2016
    I was looking to take some classes in Krav Maga. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it physically. I wasn’t in the best shape and I never really considered myself a gym person. I learned that Krav is about doing what you can with what you have.   Krav will help you feel more confident then ever.
  • – A.V. Santa Clarita, CA 1/30/2017
    If you wanna get in shape and learn self-defense Krav Maga is the class to take. I definitely recommend it.
  • – State Senator Scott Wilk – Women’s Self Defense Workshop April 22, 2017