A few weeks ago, I posted a message said “Don’t be a victim… Stop waiting for men to change…” OMG!!! The crap I caught for it was incredible! I was accused of being sexist. Like I was discriminatory towards all men. So I would like to clarify what I was trying to communicate (I have a feeling that this will be a few blogs because there are a number of angles to this).

I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and this video came up on “ATTN:” and it was done by The United State of Women. It basically says women shouldn’t have to change their behavior and men should be educated not to rape. WATCH IT HERE. The very first line from a girl on the video says,” I am seriously so f**king tired of being responsible for not getting raped.” I have issues with this on so many levels. Where do I even start? Let’s start with that first sentence. My question is, who should be responsible for someone’s safety? First and foremost, people need to be responsible for themselves. Later in the video, it goes on to say that society needs to educate men not to rape. Well, that’s fine. I certainly educate my children, as well as most parents do. However, it simply is not realistic to think that (1) all parents are actually educating their children, and (2) that all men will listen, and abide by rules they have been taught. So back to what I was trying to communicate…In saying, “…stop waiting for men to change”, I was communicating to not sit idle and wait for men to be different tomorrow than they are today, and really, historically.

We have been teaching our children the difference between right and wrong forever, and some will undoubtedly fall through the cracks, and time and again, people still do wrong and commit crimes. There is no guarantee that every single child growing up will obey laws. I think about all of the education done in the high schools and other forums about drinking and driving, for example. There is the EVERY 15 MINUTES campaign, MADD, the multiple video campaigns, and yet, driving while drunk is so prevalent, but they were warned. So let’s replace the above statement from the video link I attached, to, “I am so f**king tired of being responsible for driving when I have been drinking”. OR, “I am so f**king tired of being responsible for not getting murdered”.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?