Today is the day after the senseless attack in Las Vegas, and I have friends and acquaintances who were there and experienced absolute terror. As of right now, no one I know has been injured or perished, but what they witnessed right in front of them was just horrible. This will stay with each of them forever. When it comes to self defense in this situation, there really is no answer about protecting one’s self and loved ones when gun fire comes from above and hundreds of feet away. So many things are tragic about this, mainly because no one was safe. It was an open area. The answer lies in the hints, however small, that this guy, Stephen Paddock was displaying in the days, weeks, maybe months before this event. There is very little chance that this guy covered his tracks and actions so well, that even his partner who lived with him knew nothing, which is what she is stating right now. The situation is all so new still, and raw, but, since self defense is the main subject in my blogs, I need to extrapolate what I can. There is an overlooked dimension of self defense, and that is listening more, keeping your eyes and ears open to the things people say that may be different from their normal behavior. My husband has a saying that applies here…”A foreseeable risk is a preventable risk”. If someone you know all of a sudden starts talking about guns, or knives, or something just completely out of their character, especially if it’s violent in nature, make a mental “red flag” note. I don’t know how many law enforcement agencies say this, but Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says, “If you see something, say something”. Who knows what the outcome would have been if someone called out this guy and reported it. There could have been a chance, however slight, that this tragedy could have been thwarted. A form of self defense, no?

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and friends.