What would you do if you were attacked in a
parking lot, garage or alley today?

Could you defend yourself?


This is a 1.5 hour self defense workshop using simple, effective techniques.
Come learn how to defend yourself!

Your life could depend on it!

Empower your inner bodyguard… Bonnie Formia (a victim herself) has made it her mission to help other women avoid being a victim.

Bonnie wants to create your story of survival rather than that of a tragedy!!!

Ages 13 and up … $39, limited space sign up early to guarantee your spot.


Saturday September 30

8:30am – 10am




Simple to Learn

Easy to Remember


Confidence Builder

Protect Yourself

Protect Your Loved Ones


Presented by


*Prestige Self-Defense*

to be held at:

SCV Vitamins and Wellness

25878 The Old Rd, Stevenson Ranch, California 91381